Idle Warship Habits of the Heart

For Idle Warship’s debut album, Habits of the Heart, the photography is intriguing, original and provocative. To help accentuate this imagery, I heightened the richness of the photos by punching up the colors to a beautiful vibrancy that’s both fresh and arresting. In addition, I created hand lettering to help emphasis the urgency found in the messaging of the album. And to compliment the heart theme, I included EKG monitor screens and printouts, combining to make visually and thematically stimulating album art.


Art Direction
Photo Manipulation
Hand Lettering

Blacksmith Music


I came in contact with Christopher Lee Lyons while working on an independent artist driven project. Christopher’s dedication to giving us what we needed creatively as well as his willingness to see it thru to the end was impressive. Since then, we have worked together on a number of projects and the work is always stellar. People who I recommend Christopher to always end up thanking me. You will too.



Working with Christopher has further opened my creative eye when it comes to presenting my music to the world. He's easy to work with, professional and gave me superb options. His ideas and approach to matching a strong visual to my music has not only helped sell the product but was also a fun process!