Crafted Cup/Essential Coffee Co.

Mother Parkers was looking to create a business-to-business coffee product for young professionals. They wanted to convey a hip vibe while still communicating quality; a coffee that professionals wouldn’t mind reaching for in the office. In addition to creative direction and design, I was also part of a team that came up with the naming. The names were narrowed down to Crafted Cup and Essential Coffee Co.

I chased three design buckets. Authentic Handcrafted, which was inspired by a time when things were handcrafted. Personal touches like handwriting, ink stamps and tape give one the feeling of authenticity, while hipster elements help to bring it to today. This consumer leans towards nostalgia for fond memories, trust and authenticity. Sophisticated Organization, for the coffee drinker who’s organized and professionally driven, this concept gets its flavor from retro office cues and design culture. Copy from a typewriter, vintage label tape, and office forms helped to inspire the utilitarian yet sophisticated look of this no-nonsense design. And lastly, Profile Storytelling, which dealt with an undercurrent trend of photographing ones gear. It utilized the idea of gathering “essentials” to paint a picture of a specific coffee drinker and who they aspire to be. It delivered a unique way of storytelling, coupled with strong flavor color cues.


Creative Direction
Art Direction

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Inc.