Wayne Farms® Chef’s Craft®

Wayne Farms is a food company specializing primarily in poultry and is mostly a business-to-business company. They pride themselves on quality products and innovation from “farm to the kitchen.” Here’s two separate projects under their more premium umbrella, Wayne Farms Chef’s Craft.

Gourmet Breakfast & Dinner Sausage: this is exclusively sold to chefs and restaurant kitchens through food supplier stores. It’s a market segment that, design-wise and promotionally, are behind the curve as far as the importance of package design; they’ve always felt that there was no need to spend the time and money to design these products since the consumer will never see them. However, the tide is turning and the food supplier companies are beginning to see the benefit of having their packaging designed, even though the public doesn't shop for their products, the people that do are becoming more and more design savvy and brand aware.

Gourmet Chicken Breast Filets: this was concept art created for the consumer market. The main objectives were to really convey how premium these chicken filets are, give the consumer the feeling that this product is fresh and of the highest quality, and make the consumer feel it came directly from a five star chef; that they could bring a little bit of a high-end restaurant right to their home dinner plate. 


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